Honolulu Brand Optimization Specialists: Maximizing the ROI of PPC Ads

Are you looking to generate instant traffic for your website? If so, you may want to explore the possibilities of adding Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising to your overall brand marketing strategy in Honolulu. These nifty online ads automatically redirect web users to your website whenever these ads are clicked, helping improve the amount of traffic your website sees on a regular basis. PPC ads are already a cost-effective way to market your business, seeing as you only need to pay for the amount of clicks your ads generate. Of course, things can always be better—and in this case, there are ways to get even more out of your ads.

Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

Perhaps you have plans to launch a website for your business, or you want to redesign your current site—how sure are you that your customers will see and visit your site? All the bells and whistles you add to your website will do your business nothing if it cannot bring users to even come across your URL. If you have not implemented SEO, then you should consider doing so to improve your website’s accessibility to customers on the Internet.


3 Tips for Working with Brand Optimization Specialists in Honolulu

It is important for a client to captain their brand optimization and set their expectations and goals. However, being a captain doesn’t mean a client needs to take the wheel and steer at all times. For example, when working with specialist website brand builders in Honolulu, client feedback is important to giving the website design project direction. Giving the experts the freedom to do what they are best at, however, minimizes the chance that the project’s original intentions might get derailed.

The Logo: The Most Interesting Part of a Website

According to the Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility, most site visitors spend roughly 36 seconds browsing a website's main page. Of all the parts of the main page, though, the brand logo commands visitors’ attention for as long as 6.48 seconds—around 0.04 seconds longer than the main navigation menu, which makes a critical difference in terms of brand recall.


Brand Optimization Lessons from Pineapples

Quick! What's Hawaii known for? Pineapples?

At one point in history, Hawaii used to be a global producer and exporter of pineapples. After Dole pulled out in exchange for cheaper labor, particularly in Thailand and the Philippines, the island state lost its crown. Pineapples are still being grown in Hawaii but only big enough to cater to local demand.


Honolulu Brand Marketing Strategy: Lessons from a Bucket of Cold Water

To leave a significant impact, a Honolulu brand marketing strategy must be attuned to current events. Marketing expert David Meerman Scott calls this “newsjacking” and believes it has enough potential to make a campaign succeed when done right. For instance, what’s going on in Hawaii right now? What’s the latest from the mainland? Upon identifying relevant developments, one must then utilize the appropriate marketing tools and strategies to boost brand exposure. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, where the advertiser only pays for ads every time a user clicks on the links, is one such technique. Put simply, related paid content will show up on the search results for each query on a trending topic (e.g. ice bucket challenge).

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